Petersfield Bicycle Buddies

We are an Affiliated Cycling UK community scheme working to bring together Cyclists in the Petersfield and surrounding area

Open to cyclists over 18 yrs at all levels of experience for all types of cycling.

Particular targeting anyone who may be a novice or rusty riders to buddy with someone more experienced

See what we have in plan here


PBB was Supporting the Petersfield Ups and Downs Ride

  • Sunday 10th July

  • Sadly the event has been cancelled due to limited numbers BUT

  • PBB members will continue to ride the 20m route on the day and make donations to Round Table

Petersfield Eco-fair - Sun 17th July

  • Meet us at this event on the Heath 10 till 4

Puncture and more advanced Repair Workshops

  • We hope to arrange more later in the year

Latest Stats

With mre than 90 members the group is coming along very well

Updates to the Highway Code

From January the Highway code updates will be introduced with important changes for all road users including cyclists !

This link takes you to the updated text of the code.

This is the new Highway code site

Here are specific updated rules for cyclists

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Bike Buddies volunteer mechanics are maintaining a number of bikes that the fabulous people of the Petersfield area have donated to the scheme.

These bikes are available to loan to members of the group for a small donation.

  • If you are considering joining the scheme but don't have a suitable bike then perhaps we can help?

  • Or perhaps you would like to try a different type of bike before you buy one?

See also Bikes we have for Sale.

The maintenance team will assist members with any repairs needed to get you back on the road.

Check the Loan Sale or Repair page

If you need a professional Cycle repair then we recommend Jethro at Hepworth Cycles

We hope you will consider joining us, please look through the answers to common questions below, if you have further queries before joining send a message using our contact page

Who/what is the PBB scheme and what is it for ?

The PBB scheme, is an affiliated community scheme sponsored by Cycling UK, it has been created by a few Petersfield cyclists to provide a place where cyclists in the local area who wish to get out on a bicycle can team up with a ‘Buddy’ to better enjoy the experience.

We hope to link up anyone no matter their skill or experience, for town, country or off road riding.

We especially want to attract those who may be less experienced or rusty, perhaps nervous of cycling alone to make contact with others, perhaps more regular cyclists who are keen to offer their encouragement, combined with knowledge of cycling in the area, and ride together.

We believe cycling is an excellent way to enhance people's health and wellbeing, and in the longer term to improve our environment through reduced pollution and sustainable transport.

We have over time found group rides to be very popular and continue to expand the portfolio of rides on offer.

Can I get Cycle Training ?

It is not a cycle training scheme, however we can assist you to find qualified instruction if this is more applicable.

We can provide Ride leader, First aid and cycle maintenance training through our link to Cycling UK.

Can I get Bike Repairs ?

We are working alongside members of Petersfield and Liss Men's sheds with a few members who can help you with cycle maintenance to assist you to make sure you have a roadworthy bike. We request a small donation to help run the scheme for this help. See Loan or Repair

Can I Borrow a Bike ?

Thanks to receiving a number of donated bikes we may be able to offer you the loan or sell you a low cost bike for a small donation, so if you don't have a roadworthy bike or want to try out a different style of bike to give it a try please contact us for more details. See Loan or Repair

What are the advantages of joining the scheme ?

For less experienced riders

  • Building your confidence in riding on (or off) road with the reassurance of being with someone who is an experienced local rider.

  • Meeting with with your Buddy and later with other group members to enjoy a ride

  • Riding at your own pace (and distance)

  • Help create a ‘club’ feel to the scheme so you can feel confident to contact other riders once you are more confident.

  • Join in group rides and low key social events

  • Access the knowledge of local experienced cyclists for the best routes to ride.

  • Access to cycle maintenance facilities (future plans)

  • Membership of a discussion forum to answer any questions you may have.

  • Reduced cost (affiliated) personal membership of Cycle UK

For Experienced Riders (in addition to the above)

  • A place to link up with other riders and lead (or join) small group rides.

  • Satisfaction in helping others to get out on their bikes. Transfering your knowledge and experience

  • Help us develop the cycling community in the Petersfield area

  • Access to (a limited number) of free Ride Leader, Cycle Maintenance and First Aid courses

  • Free Insurance cover when leading a less experienced rider or a group ride.

How to Join ?

Please review our Joining page and complete the application form

What are the Group Rides Like ?

They are great Fun !

They usually stop at a Café or Pub for refreshments and are very much a social as much as a bike ride..

We have a good number of trained group ride leaders who offer a variety of different rides from small groups improving their skills or shorter on-road rides to some slightly larger and longer rides of 20 to 30 miles sometimes with some tracks as well as road, we hope to host some mountain biking as well dependent on member interest.

Rides will be described in detail with information on distance, gradients and overall difficulty, terrain and suitable bike types, the pace and any hazards.

Nobody will be left behind, there is no problem waiting at the top of a hill for everyone to reach it in their own time!

All Rides will be posted using an App called Spond which can be used on a phone or computer or via email.

How will a Buddy be matched to me ?

After completing the application form we will chat with you to make sure your information is as complete as possible and if necessary to help you find cycle training or other groups that may be most appropriate for your situation.

We will review other buddies in the scheme until we find someone who looks suitable with complementary goals we will send you both a message to make contact with one another.

As a member of the schemes Forum you will be able to communicate with everyone in the scheme.

What happens once I have agreed to meet a buddy ?

When you have agreed to meet we request you follow this process:

To meet the potential Buddy in a public place to allow you and them to feel comfortable with the arrangements. Do not feel committed to this person you can ask for someone else at any time.

Create / Agree a plan for how to get out cycling together taking into account, availability, road and weather conditions, bicycle type, bicycle repair, fitness level etc.

The more experienced buddy will be asked to complete a simple risk assessment which is necessary to ensure insurance cover is valid for the ride(s).

How experienced should I be ?

No qualifications are needed.

You will be asked to assess your own level of competency and experience.

We use the Bikeability scheme’s 3 Levels

  1. If you are a New cyclist (Level 1) or feel in need of more formal training we will probably direct you toward a training scheme.

  2. If you are a novice or ‘rusty’ rider (Level 2) looking to ride with someone with more experience we will use this in our selection criteria.

  3. If you are an Experienced/Regular rider (Level 3 + some years riding experience) we will ask you if you are happy to ride with someone in the Novice/Rusty rider group to encourage them along. This is not a requirement, you can still use the scheme to meet up with other experienced riders.

What about my Safety ?

Everyone's safety is critically important

  • You are responsible for your own safety.

  • You must have a safe, roadworthy bike.

  • You should have a suitable level of competency (Bikeability Level 2) to ride on public highways.

  • We encourage everyone to carry cycling safety equipment including a cycle helmet, high visibility clothing, Mobile Phone and we recommend carrying a First Aid kit.

  • This scheme is operated on a mutual consent basis. Neither person is expected to provide or follow direct instruction.


  • If you are an ‘experienced’ rider and you are leading one or more people on a ride planned through the scheme you will be covered by the Cycling UK affiliated group insurance cover (link here).

  • For those not leading, no Insurance cover is provided by the scheme but we encourage you to consider having 3rd Party Liability insurance (and potentially accident insurance).

As an affiliated group you can get reduced price membership of Cycling UK which provides 3rd party liability insurance cover as part of its members package.

What sort of bicycle do I need ?


  • It must of course be safe, serviceable and suitable for use on public highways (or offroad).

  • E-bike riders are more than welcome.

A number of the Buddies have been trained in basic bike maintenance so we can assist you to get on the road or we can recommend a professional for more serious repairs.

PBB also has a number of bikes available to loan for shortish periods for a minimal cost.

See Loan or Repair

How far and how fast will we cycle?

Distance and pace will be set purely by you if on a buddy ride and could involve riding into or around the town down available cycle routes, down the beautiful lanes in our area or across the countryside around Petersfield depending on your mutual goals.

If you join a group ride it will be made clear in the description about the distance, terrain and speed.

What are the rules for joining the PBB scheme ?

You will be asked to accept 6 disclaimers as part of the application form.

  1. I confirm that I am over the age of 18 and that I cycle at the required standard (new/rusty rider - Bikeability level 2 or equivalent OR experienced rider - Bikeability level 3 or equivalent).

  1. I understand that PBB may hold my information for up to 12 months (renewed annually) and may contact me at the addresses provided for the purpose of administering the Cycle Buddies scheme.

  2. I agree to sharing my Phone number and/or Email address with other members in order to establish contact with them.

  3. I agree to pay an annual membership fee (Initially £0)

  4. My bicycle is in a safe and rideable condition.

  5. I understand PBB bears no responsibility for any personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability during the activity beyond reasonable duty.

Can I use the scheme to organise additional rides myself ?

YES we encourage any member to post a message to the group message board that will be seen by everyone to propose rides with others.